Ratepayers air their concerns


by Al Williams

Waimate ratepayers have a variety of concerns as election day looms.
Daphne Staats, Andrews, said she was concerned about flooding on roads in the area during high rainfall.
She said public toilets were needed in St Andrews to encourage travellers to stop in the settlement.
Makikihi Country Hotel owner Bruce Milne said footpaths in the settlement were damaged but were being upgraded “slowly”.
“We were going to get a traffic island here on State Highway 1 in the township but the Council voted against it.
“We do need some sort of traffic-calming thing here as people are speeding through the town.”
Rural mail contractor Don Chamberlain said the main street of Waimate needed tidying up.
“It’s getting a bit scruffy with the derelict shops.”
Donald and Jackie Butler, Farm on the outskirts of Waimate, said the supply of clean water was their main concern.
Mrs Butler said the council needed to follow up on projects and proposals.
“They are not clear to the ratepayers as to where they are going.”
Waimate businessman Keith Williams “apathy has really set in”.
“Council really needs to get back to the knitting – sewage and footpaths.
“Let’s get the basic things right.”
Rates were too expensive in central areas and were pushing businesses out, Mr Williams said.
“People have to be encouraged into the main street.”Asics footwearnike headquarters Sneakers