St Joseph's School, Temuka pupils learning about the brain as they walk through the giant inflatable brain from Otago University. From left are Savannah Miller (10), Alex Eastmead (10) and Kaden Gamblin (10).

A lot of “brainstorming” has been going on at St Joseph’s School in Temuka this term.

All pupils are learning about the human brain before the school’s science fair on July 3.

Year 5-7 teacher Rebecca Brookland said pupils had been involved with various activities, including dissecting sheep brains to understand the composition of an animal’s brain, discovering what different parts of the brain control and pupils coming up with questions they want to find answers to.

“Students are absolutely fizzing with questions and excitement about the most vital organ in the human body and their wonderings are extremely well thought-out and show great inquiring minds.”

Mrs Brookland arranged Monday’s visit from the “inflatable brain” from Otago University.

“We were very lucky to have two neuroscientists from Otago University’s brain research unit visit us and bring the inflatable walk-through brain, which weighs approximately 90kg and is 3.5m by 5m, and discuss the brain and complete activities with the students.

“Students got to build their own receptors and become neurons, as well as looking at models of the brain and axons. It was an experience the students will never forget and neither will the teachers. We are very grateful to the Otago University and the two neuroscientists who came.”best Running shoes brandPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers