Friendly donation . . . Jazmin Mackay gave her birthday goods to the SPCA. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Natasha Parrant

Ten-year-old Jazmin Mackay decided to ask for donations for the SPCA instead of birthday gifts this year.

Jazmin celebrated her birthday earlier this month, and asked her guests to bring an item for the SPCA instead of a gift for her, following a suggestion from her grandmother.

She was more than happy to make a donation to the SPCA, rather than receive gifts for herself.

“I thought it was nice and helpful,” Jazmin said with a smile.

Items Jazmin gave to the SPCA included cat beds, food and toys for dogs, cats and rabbits, kitty litter trays, old newspapers, harnesses and a clamshell pool.

Mum Nicky Mackay said Jazmin had received plenty of gifts at Christmas.

About eight of Jazmin’s school friends came to her birthday and Mrs Mackay asked their parents to buy all sorts of animal items beforehand, which ended up being more than 20 gifts.

Jazmin went to give her goods to the SPCA and was fortunate enough to get a tour of the place to see all the animals there, Mrs Mackay said.

“I just wish I could take them all home”, Jazmin said.

At home the Mackay family had a Rhodesian ridgeback dog and although Jazmin would like to have cats, they could not have any, as some family members were allergic to felines.

Jazmin planned to donate items to the SPCA again, but she said she was unsure whether to donate items after every birthday she had.

One day she hoped to work with animals or even volunteer at the SPCA once she was old enough. Volunteers needed to be 15 years or older.