Fun fundraiser . . . Craighead Kindergarten pupil (front, centre) Hazel McGlinchy (3) and (back, from left) Oscar Fraser (4), Annie Scott (3), Eddie Hawker (3), Briar Olds (4) and Aria Hill (4) wore their PJs to raise money for children to get their own cosy winter wear. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

by Greta Yeoman

A kindergarten full of pyjama-clad children were dressed up for a good cause last Friday.

Craighead Kindergarten pupils dressed up in their PJs to raise funds for the Middlemore Foundation’s Jammies in June scheme, which raises funds to buy children in Auckland their own set of winter nightwear.

Teacher Lauren Rosanowski said the need for pyjamas was an easy thing for young children to understand. “They want to stay warm [in winter].”

The Middlemore Foundation supports children in the Counties Manukau district of Auckland and the organisation’s Jammies in June project aims to help lessen the number of children being admitted to hospital for preventable illnesses.

About 320 children are admitted to Middlemore Hospital in January as a result of preventable sickness, but that increases to more than 700 in August because of winter illnesses, according to the foundation’s statistics.

Children who were warm at night were less likely to be admitted to hospital for preventable illnesses such as acute rheumatic fever, the foundation said.

While rheumatic fever is a disease usually found in third-world countries, it is prevalent in Counties Manukau.

“We want to prevent that from happening,” Ms Rosanowski said.

The fundraiser day raised $55.Adidas shoesNike