Papers return; now time to support local



Allied Press editor in chief

Thank you for welcoming us into your bubble.

The Courier team is excited to be back.

This week we have gone from Covid-19 Alert Level 4 to Level 3 and with that our attention moves to imagining what the landscape may look like on our staged return to the “new normal”.

Allied Press made a commitment when we went into lockdown that we would be there for you.

In the lower South Island, the Otago Daily Times has continued to be the eye on your world, informing and entertaining and showcasing local heroes as we challenge the threat of this invisible pandemic killer.

Now we have some more good news to deliver.

Allied Press chief executive Grant McKenzie is delighted to announce the Allied Press stable of community newspapers is back. We believe this is an important step in the road to recovery celebrating the community spirit that defines us.

We will also be there for local businesses with a $3million Support Local advertising package to kick-start the recovery. We are backing business in this region.

The Courier is looking forward to shining a light on the issues and the people in your community. Delivery of your Courier will follow the Government guidelines.

The Level 4 lockdown has offered us a timely reminder of why we live, work and play in this magnificent region of New Zealand. The landscape has certainly changed and no-one can predict with any certainty what the future holds. But what we do know is the lifeblood of this region is our community spirit. It’s a unique and inspiring quality, born out of isolation, frustration and the courage and faith of our founding fathers.

There will be no escaping the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The shadow of debt and uncertainty is chilling for many in our region. Business closures and staff cuts will have a devastating effect on families and communities.

Your community newspaper has a vital role to play in uniting and fostering community spirit.

It is a responsibility we take very seriously, and that is why we are launching our Support Local campaign in community newspapers such as The Courier, in the Otago Daily Times, online at and in social media.

It is a rallying call for people to stand tall and celebrate our place, our people and our future.

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