Pair finally get sister act together


Two Timaru sisters say it’s ‘‘better late than never’’ as they prepare to open their first joint exhibition.
Ceramic artist Marita Bool and mixed-media artist Sandie Davies-Andrews have combined their talents for the exhibition at the York Street Gallery of Fine Art, which opens tomorrow.
‘‘We’ve been wanting to [exhibit together] for ages,’’ Mrs Bool said.
‘‘In my artist statement I’ve put ‘better late than never’.’’
The pair are looking forward to the exhibition, which they affectionately named Sisters.
Although they are sisters, the exhibition’s name meant much more than just their own connection and relationship, Mrs Bool said.
‘‘All our works are feminine. It’s for sisters of life.
‘‘It’s all around life resilience and the creative force that supports us when times are tough,’’ she said.
Mrs Bool’s contribution to the exhibition also represents her work outside the art scene.
‘‘My work outside of art is working with women and children who have experienced some form of trauma. It’s their truth, and beauty and creativeness that impresses me the most, so that’s what I’ve tried to capture,’’ she said.
Mrs Davies-Andrews has also captured the feminine form in her collection of works.
‘‘I’ve always been interested in women’s place in life through religion, myth and history and it’s been great to be able to exhibit with my sister,’’ she said.
Mrs Davies-Andrews’ collection at the York Street Gallery of Fine Art features mixed media with acrylic and some collages.
‘‘I love looking for images — I’m an image-maker,’’ she said.
‘‘A lot of my work is also based on a love of design and pattern.’’
Art had been a part of the duo’s lives for many years and ran in the family, Mrs Davies-Andrews said.
‘‘We come from a very creative family, with talented nieces, nephews [and] cousins.’’
Sisters will be launched at the gallery tomorrow night.jordan Sneakersbalerínky