Tomorrow marks a momentous day in Timaru’s history – the 150th anniversary of the first meeting of the Timaru Borough Council.

The meeting was held at the Club Hotel, on the corner of George and Stafford streets, and attended by Messrs Hewlings, Perry, Stubbs, Cliff, Taylor and Melton.

The cover of the 150th TDC pull-out in the August 2 edition of The Courier.

Mr Hewlings was appointed the first mayor of the Timaru Borough, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast-forward to today, and the borough council’s successor, the Timaru District Council, is planning to mark the anniversary on Saturday evening with a light show, food and family-friendly activities, and a performance by the Alpine Energy Timaru Brass Band, also in its 150th year.

The Courier newspaper is proud to be part of this occasion.

Inside today’s edition you will find a 56-page publication celebrating the growth of that small borough into today’s prosperous district, and its achievements both past and present.

The edition can also be read online, here.Sneakers StoreNike