No slowing her down


Pat Bartholomew is living proof that age is no barrier.

The regular gym-goer turned 80 on Tuesday and says her workouts keep her young and full of energy.

“I’ve had one or two health issues in the past few years, but I still feel keeping active has kept me young,” the Timaru woman said.

Mrs Bartholomew said she had always had a lot of energy.

“I have always been energetic,” she said.

“I was in real estate and I’ve enjoyed my life being active.”

Recent health scares, including two brain bleeds and a heart attack, have not slowed her down, and she says her regular workouts at women’s gym Go Girl Physique keep her healthy.

When she turned 70, she spent a morning working out at the gym in her bikini to prove people could look good in a bathing costume at any age.

She did a four-minute routine to the Grease theme.

While she would celebrate her milestone birthday “a lot more quietly” this time around, it was important to enjoy life and keep moving, Mrs Bartholomew said.

“One of the big things about going to the gym is you always see people smiling and enjoying life.”

Her workouts include 4km on an exercycle, stretch classes and using hydraulic machines.

“Keeping active is the most important thing.”Authentic Sneakers