No plans to hang up clubs any time soon


Maitel Moffat is proving age is no barrier on the St Andrews golf course.
At just two days shy of her 90th birthday, Mrs Moffat is still a regular on the golf course and has no plans to hang up her clubs any time soon.
‘‘I’ve toyed with the idea of giving up. I’ve had one or two spells off for different things, but I’ve always seemed to go back again.’’
And, she was glad she did.
Mrs Moffat, who will turn 90 on Saturday, joined the club in 1980. Back then, Mrs Moffat and her late husband, Gordon, had just retired from farming.
‘‘I had a sister who played golf. She insisted I play. She even paid my subs and for my golf clubs so I couldn’t get out of it.’’
Since then, she has celebrated a ‘‘moment of glory’’ after winning the 2006 Home Links Veterans Cup.
‘‘We were a bit lucky because it had been dry weather and there had been a good score that day.
‘‘The best scores from the club were sent in for each grade, and mine happened to be the best one that day.’’
For her win, Mrs Moffat received two bags of golf balls and a bag, along with a small commemorative plaque which she proudly displays in her Mountain View Village home.
‘‘I was just a bit lucky, but it’s the best thing I’ve done.’’
Mrs Moffat has never hit a hole-in-one. ‘‘I got a hole-intwo once from halfway — that’s about the nearest I’ve got.’’
However, keeping upwith the sport at the age of 90 is an achievement in itself.
‘‘I just enjoy the exercise and the company,’’ she said.
Mrs Moffat has always been a loyal member of the St Andrews Golf Club, right from the earliest days.
‘‘When it opened, [club founders] went round the surrounding district [asking for donations] to get it started. We were farming then and we did actually contribute.
‘‘It was a community effort to get the course going.’’
Mrs Moffat often puts her golfing skills to the test each Wednesday, if time allows — even in the cold, hard depths of winter — not something she thought she would still be doing.
‘‘No, I’m sure I never dreamed I would still be playing golf.’’Nike air jordan SneakersAir Jordan 1 Low Atmosphere Grey/White-Black For Sale