New attire . . . Showing off their new uniforms and attire are Timaru 15th Squadron members (from left) Able Cadet Jayden Stevens, Ordinary Cadet Dyllin Morris , Cadet Lawrenique Stevens, Sergeant Heather Miller, and Sergeant Maddison Parker. PHOTO: HELEN HOLT

by Helen Holt

The Timaru Air Training Corps 15th Squadron has unique badges and a new working uniform.

These are the first new uniforms since the squadron began in 1942.

Squadron leader Mark Morris said the cadets were looking forward to having a new sense of identity.

“Up till now, all we’ve had is the Air Force dress uniform. We’ve never had a second uniform for everyday use.

“These new uniforms will be good for when we’re at the rifle range or on camps.”

The new badge will also be worn by the Timaru Sea Cadets.

It was designed to represent South Canterbury with depictions of Mt Cook, the foot hills (where the cadets do a lot of their training), waves from Caroline Bay, stars from the Dark Sky reserve, the Southern Cross constellation which the cadets used for navigation, and the South Canterbury green.

Sign of home . . . A badge for the Timaru ATC 15th Squadron, designed by the cadets to feature landmarks of South Canterbury. PHOTO: HELEN HOLT

The new attire was five years in the making.

The squadron fundraised independently through flag marshalling.

“It’s something for them to be proud of,” Mr Morris said.

“When they go out, they’ll be identified as their own group.”