Handy line-up . . . Finalists in the Handy Dog Challenge were (from left) Bryce Yorke with Poi, Mark Mallinson with Freedo, Trev Wilson with Bear, Nick Meiklejohn with Rowdy and Barry Thompson with Jimmy, and judge Steve Blanchard and timekeeper Christine Blanchard. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Springbank Farm at Pleasant Point hosted its second successful South Canterbury Tux Yarding Challenge, run in conjunction with the Winchester Tux Handy Dog Challenge, as part of the national series for both events.

Huge thanks to our wonderful hosts Chris and Ali Calder, who accommodated the two events admirably. The yarding course was manicured to perfection and nothing had been a problem in altering and widening out the Handy course beforehand. Thanks to Ali and her team of ladies who kept the troops very well fed over the two days.

Typical spring weather prevailed, delivering four seasons over two days.

The entries were good for both events, with folk travelling from Marlborough right through to Southland to attend.

What was particularly pleasing was the number of maiden competitor entries in both events, up again on last year’s increase with 15 yarding maidens and 18 Handy.

There was very good work from both open and maiden competitors over the two days, which kept the two judges’ pencils sharp.

On Saturday a vanload of residents from the Strathallan retirement home in Timaru, with previous competitor Peter Boys riding shotgun, enjoyed watching some very good work in play.

These two challenges were held in conjunction with the Southern Canterbury A&P Show trial, which has been held at Springbank Farm for some years now. The event was run by the Levels and the Hilton-Gapes Valley Collie Clubs with help from Mt Nessing Club as well.

All profit, clearing this year’s expenses from the combined challenges, will go to St John Pleasant Point to assist with its building upgrade to house staff and ambulances.

A huge thanks to Tux for their much appreciated and continued support of these events and to Aaron Apii, their South Island on-farm business manager, for spending the two days there mingling with the troops. Thank you also to the local sponsors South Canterbury Hyundai and Isuzu, Silver Fern Farms and Temuka Transport, who gave generously to support the chosen charity.

Many thanks to Kevin Ashworth for supplying the half-bred hoggets. They worked very well in both events but took no prisoners.

Thank you to Jan Tairua for judging the Yarding and to her efficient timekeeper, Johnny McLean, and also to Steve Blanchard for judging the Handy event with his right-hand lady Christine as his efficient timekeeper.

Just a final thanks to everyone who helped and supported in any way. As we all know, these events don’t just “happen” and everyone’s time and effort is valued. Too many to mention, but I blanket thank you all.

Well done to all the winners and placegetters and to Mike Brown and Victor who took home the Southern Canterbury Show Open Cup, and to Kevin Ashworth and Tom who took home the Southern Canterbury Show Maiden Cup.

Top finishers . . . Yarding Event finalists were (from left) Kevin Ashworth with Leah, Andy McNab with Herb, Lloyd Smith with Check, Mike Brown with Victor, Alistair Dickson with Bruce, Neil Evans with Tess, Andy Clark with Girl, Bill Nichol with Rick, Steve Wallace with Tim, and judge Jan Tairua and timekeeper Johnny McLean. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The competitors qualifying for the South Island Final at Richmond Brook, Marlborough at the end of January 2020 are Open Yarding Competitors Lloyd Smith with Check and Kevin Ashworth with Leah and Maiden Competitor Skyla Taylor with Dag. It was Skyla’s first time in competing in this event. Open Handy Dog Competitors to qualify are Trevor Wilson with Bear and Bryce Yorke with Poi, along with Maiden Competitor Dave Hussey and Gus.

Tux New Zealand Yarding Challenge South Canterbury heat at Springbank Farm, October 11 and 12

Judge: Jan Tairua

Open: 1st Lloyd Smith with Check, 95.5 points; 2nd Kevin Ashworth, Leah, 95; 3rd Neil Evans, Tess, 94.5; 4th Andy Clark, Girl, 90; 5th Steve Wallace, Tim, 86.5; 6th Andy McNab, Herb, 85.5; 7th Bill Nichol, Rick, 76; 8th Alistair Dickson, Bruce, 75; 9th Mike Brown, Victor, 56.5.

Maiden: 1st Skyla Taylor with Dag, 84 points; 2nd Simon Chamberlain, Indy, 75.5; 3rd Simon Chamberlain, Kylie, 71.

Tux New Zealand Handy Dog Challenge Winchester heat at Springbank Farm, October 11 and 12

Judge: Steve Blanchard

Open: 1st Trevor Wilson with Bear, 98 points; 2nd Bryce Yorke, Poi, 96; 3rd Nick Meiklejohn, Rowdy, 90.5; 4th Barry Thompson, Jimmy, 89.5; 5th Mark Mallinson, Freedo, 36.

Maiden: 1st Dave Hussey with Gus, 93.5; 2nd Cam Russell, Brook, 90.5; 3rd Darcy Tong, Jazz, 85; 4th Amy Duckworth, Base, 83.5; 5th Peter Aitken, Stone, 77.5.

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