South Canterbury Museum director Philip Howe appears in the museum's dance video, which is in the running for world recognition. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Alexia Johnston

Voting lines will soon open, edging South Canterbury Museum one step closer to world recognition.

On Tuesday a dance video created by the museum’s staff, volunteers and Explorers Club members will enter the next phase of “When You Work at a Museum” competition.

For 24 hours, people are encouraged to vote for the museum in the hope of making it one of the most popular videos in the competition throughout the world.

And, if the national round was anything to go by, the group has a good chance of winning.

Museum director Philip Howe encourages people to get voting as soon as lines open.

People can vote as many times as they like.

“Get your thumbs ready to start voting,” Mr Howe said, of those who would be using portable devices such as phones to vote.

“We’re gearing up to dance like there’s no tomorrow,” he said, of their entry.

“We got 18,000 votes to win [the] New Zealand [round]. Nowhere around the world have I seen anyone get near to that in their own regional contest.”

South Canterbury Museum’s winning entry was one of five in the national round, but only South Canterbury moved through to the finals.

It is now competing against Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States for world champion status.

The winner of the contest would gain nothing but glory and the world’s attention on their museum, their town and their country, Mr Howe said.

“That makes it worthwhile enough to have a crack at it.”

He encouraged people to support the museum again when voting opened for the worldwide competition from midnight on May 15.

Voting will remain open for 24 hours and will feature the same videos used in the various national rounds.

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