Fun in the sun . . . Children enjoying a day out at Caroline Bay are Jake Lloyd-Forrest (8, left) of Fairlie, and Timaru siblings Alex (7) and Betty Taufa (5).

by Claire Allison

January is proving wetter and colder than usual in Timaru so far.

However, although rain is expected this weekend, it should be followed by some more settled conditions.

MetService meteorologist Ashlee Parkes said that, as of January 12, 45.8mm of rain had already fallen this month, well on track towards the monthly average of 53.8mm.

“So it has been quite a wet start for the beginning of the year, and it has been a bit cooler as well; the average maximum temperature for January is 22 [degC], but you’ve had some days where the maximum has only reached 15 [degC] or so.”

Miss Parkes said a high was dominating over New Zealand right now.

“For the next week, we’re expecting Timaru to be on the better side of the weather, with maybe just some light showers.

“We’re not expecting widespread rain within the next week, although Saturday and Sunday there’s a cold feature moving up the South Island that will bring a small spell of some rain, and temperatures will be a little bit cooler, about 19 [degC].”

Looking further out, Timaru was likely to be protected from a westerly regime, so could look forward to some warmer, drier conditions.

December’s rainfall was lower than usual at just 39mm at Timaru airport, compared with the average of 52mm.

The highest temperature recorded for December was 27.4degC average of 21degC lowest a chilly overnight 3degC.

“So, overall, it was a bit drier and a bit warmer than usual for December. But the New Zealand summer is always a bit hit and miss.”

December’s weather follows on from a wetter-than-usual November, during which Timaru received 153% of its average rainfall.

Niwa meteorologist Ben Noll said then that the heavier rainfall could be attributed to more low-pressure systems moving through the region.

Niwa’s three-month forecast predicted near-normal or below-normal rainfall until the end of February.Sneakers StoreNike