Major guest for media class


Bachelor NZ’s Jordan Mauger last week accepted a proposal by Mountainview High School he could not refuse.
Year 12 media pupil Kaitlyn Ratcliff (16) messaged Mr Mauger on Instagram earlier in the year, initially requesting he Skype the class for a video conference call.
Her aim was to get his advice on how the class should go about creating its own version of the Bachelor NZ television programme.
Kaitlyn Ratcliff and her fellow year 12 media class mates welcomed Mr Mauger to the school on Wednesday, last week.
‘‘We were kind of joking about it at the start of the year,’’ she said.
The joke started as a conversation about who, of note, they could get to visit their class.
‘‘[Our teacher] Mr Diamond was like ‘you won’t get the bachelor’,’’ Kaitlyn said.
‘‘I thought I’ll take it as a challenge.’’
So, she messaged Mr Mauger via social media in the hope he could offer advice.
‘‘I asked him if he could give us points on shots and that kind of stuff; and he messaged back and said he would like to come and teach a class when he’s down.’’
He followed through with that proposal, a move that surprised the class, including teacher and head of English Kenny Diamond.
‘‘I was a little bit concerned at first if I’m to be honest, [which included] the obvious: a guy who had dated 23 girls to come in and teach my predominantly female class. But, meeting him, those concerns were completely lifted,’’ Mr Diamond said.
‘‘If I could get him in every year to talk to my media class, I would.
‘‘From my point of view, I didn’t really care about the bachelor stuff . . .but his knowledge of behind the scenes and what he could bring [instead of] me telling them [was good].’’
The class, which also comprised of Imogen Hoskin
(16), River Ross (17), Zoe Hunter(17) and Alistair McHaffie (16), were impressed by Mr Mauger’s approach to the class and the media skills he was able to pass on.
‘‘He had a lot of knowledge to give.
‘‘He helped us a lot with our project,’’ Imogen said.
Kaitlyn said that advice and assistance involved camera angles to highlight scenes.
River, who has the leading role in the school’s The Bachelor MVHS Edition, was also offered some advice.
‘‘He said ‘just be nice’,’’ River said.Best Authentic SneakersAir Jordan