Life no longer a beach for dogs


by Alexia Johnston

Canines Jasper and Maddy will no longer frequent Caroline Bay – not until the end of daylight saving, that is.
The dogs have made many trips to the bay with Sally McCambridge over the cooler months, but last Friday the Caroline Bay dog-walking season came to an end.
Mrs McCambridge who owns Maddy and cares for Jasper on behalf of family, said it would be nice to have the season extended at either end of daylight saving.
The area was a popular stomping ground for many dogs and their owners, she said.
“We need another month either end [of daylight saving].”
She was part of a group which met each Tuesday to walk their dogs at the bay before having a coffee at a local cafe, Mrs McCambridge said.
And if one of the regular members could not walk their dog for any reason, another member would often walk it for them.
Mrs McCambridge said although the dogs would have to take a break from their Caroline Bay excursions, the coffee catch-ups would continue. So would the dog walks – just at a different location.
Timaru District Council environmental services manager Paul Cooper said dogs were allowed on Caroline Bay’s beach tidal area from April 1 to September 30.
“The rules allow children and families to make use of the beach during the warmer months without having to worry about dogs and dog mess on the beach. There is a $300 fine for people found to be in breach of the rules,” he said.
The bylaw was reviewed in 2013 and members of the public were allowed to have their say on the issue.
“In considering all the submissions, the current restrictions were the most balanced way of managing the space,” Mr Cooper said.
“We’ve not had any feedback from dog owners requesting the rules be relaxed, but have had some requests for the rules to be tightened.
“There is a bylaw review in 2017, and both dog owners and non-dog owners can make submissions on the future use of the beach.”Sports ShoesPatike