Pat (left) and Brenda Healey watch one of many trucks that travel along Richard Pears Drive to and from Clandeboye each day, where they cause a lot of noise. They say the road is in need of repair or an alternate route should be advised. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

by Alexia Johnston

Trucks on Temuka’s Richard Pearse Dr are causing a ruckus and residents have had enough.

Brenda Healey, who lives on neighbouring John Bull Pl, said trucks en route to and from Clandeboye’s Fonterra plant via Richard Pearse Dr created a lot of noise and, in some cases, made her house vibrate.

The Timaru District Council encourages truck drivers to use Richard Pearse Dr because it is considered suitable for heavy vehicles.

Mrs Healey said the road was used by “quite a few [trucks], day and night”.

“Sometimes you wonder if it’s thunder, an earthquake or truck.”

She said the road surface was rough and the trucks were only making things worse.

Mrs Healey raised her concerns with Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon and the Timaru District Council.

“With trucks vibrating our house, the pictures on the wall have to be straightened each day, the clanging noise goes through the ears and makes one feel nauseous.”

“It is even worse if the truck is empty when going from Richard Pearse Dr to Factory Rd, where the roundabout is,” she said.

“This has become worse in the last two years.”

Mrs Healey suggests Richard Pearse Dr be resealed to make it smoother, like Hally Tce, or the trucks find an alternate route away from the residential area.

Her husband, Pat, has also had enough of the constant noise as trucks pass over the rough surface.

“All we are asking is [for] speed and noise control,” he said.

“Richard Pearse Dr has up to 80 trucks using [it] a day with containers bouncing about. One can only describe the noise like thunder.”

Mrs Healey said something had to be done about it.

Mr Falloon confirmed Mrs Healey had been in contact with his office regarding the issue.

“We are supporting her to follow the appropriate channel of discussing options with the council,” he said.

In response to a letter she wrote to he council, it was confirmed more heavy vehicles were using district roads.

TDC land transport manager Andrew Dixon said the ongoing economic growth in the district meant truck numbers would keep rising over the next 10 years.

He said trucks were legally entitled to use all roads.

“We do try to encourage drivers to use roads that are suitable for high numbers of these vehicles, such as Richard Pearse Dr.

“The preferred roads are designed and constructed for these vehicles – that includes the use of asphalt surfacing to make them as smooth as practical,” he said.

“We also aim to provide well-maintained roads on these high-use routes with faster fault repair times to minimise roughness and noise.”

Mr Healey said he was aware all trucks were “legally entitled” to use all roads.

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