Shooting day . . . Geraldine Gun Club members (left) Phil Lewis and (middle) Andrew Macdonald giving pointers to a visitor at the Duck ShooterÂ’s Day in 2017. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Helen Holt

The Geraldine Gun Club will hold its annual Duck Shooters’ Day on Sunday to practise for duck shooting season next month.

Club president Tim Scott said the day would be a practice run, to remind people how to shoot.

“The idea is to get your eye in on some shooting of clay targets, and get an idea on how your gun works.

“Then you’re ready for May to go out and shoot some real ducks.

“We launch a flurry of clay targets into the air, which looks like a whole lot of ducks coming.

“These are what we use to practise so they’re ready for the real thing, come May.”

Participants are welcome to practise as much as they want to throughout the day.

“Some people just come for the morning, some rock up for the afternoon.

“Some will stay for the whole day. It’s purely up to them.”

It was a relatively small-scale event which they hoped to expand in the coming years, Mr Scott said.

“We are planning to do something a bit grander for next year.

“Judging by last year’s numbers, we’re hoping to get around 40 people turn up on Sunday.”

The day would be mainly for experienced shooters, he said.

“If someone is new to shooting, we recommend they bring someone with them to show [them] the ropes, but there will be people around if someone needs some pointers.

“If someone comes along and makes themselves known as a new shooter, we will look out for them.”

Duck Shooters’ Day is on Sunday, April 11 from 10am at Geraldine Gun Club grounds, 126 Tiplady Rd, Geraldine. Bring your own gun.