Hidden hail damage on vehicles


by Chris Tobin

Owners of vehicles damaged by the recent Timaru hailstorm might strike trouble if they do not get them repaired.

Vehicle Testing NZ spokeswoman Hannah Poole said depending on the degree of damage to the vehicle because of hail damage, owners could face the possibility of not getting a warrant of fitness.

“It all depends on the location of the damage and if it affects the structural integrity of the vehicle.

“The major areas of concern include the A-pillars on each side of the front windscreen, the area above the doors where the side of the car joins the roof and the pillars on each side going down from the rear of the roof.”

Ms Poole said this was the “energy pathway”.

“Each dent, regardless of size, is adding a crumple zone which means that in an accident, this structural area is more likely to fail.

“If a vehicle has been damaged, we would recommend that the vehicle owner contacts their insurance company so that they can get the car assessed and repaired, if necessary, to the correct safety standard.”

Hundreds of vehicles around Timaru and environs sustained damage in the freak hailstorm on November 20.jordan release dateAir Jordan 1 Mid “Bling” Releasing for Women