Have house will travel, no biggie


by Rachael Comer

When Corianne Holmes and Patrick Brunelle move to Waimate they will bring everything with them – including the kitchen sink.
The Christchurch couple will shift their tiny house, which they built in 2014, to the town next month, moving through the night to reach their new destination. The building, on a trailer, is 2.4m by 6.1m.
Miss Holmes said the pair had decided to move to Waimate, as her partner had started working at the Oceania Dairy factory in Glenavy.
“Pat is a welder and got a job at the factory,” Miss Holmes said.
“He’s renting in Waimate now and I will finish my job up here just before Christmas and then we will move the house down then and park it up at the place Pat’s renting now.”
The couple met in the United States, and decided they wanted to move to New Zealand.
“Our priority was to save money for New Zealand and when we moved here Pat got a job as a welder straight away so we didn’t really use the money we saved.”tc10tinya
The couple had seen a lot of information about tiny homes in America, and decided to use the money to build one of their own.
“We bought a little trailer for $3000 and kept it at a friend’s property in Rolleston, Christchurch.”
In January 2014, their labour of love began, spending every weekend building the small house.
“It was a big project.”
The house cost $15,000 to build, using a lot of material salvaged from properties damaged in the Christchurch earthquake.
“We did all the work ourselves and used as much recycled materials as possible.”
The pair finished their project in December 2014 and have been enjoying living in their small surroundings.
“There’s so many great things about living in it.
“My lifestyle is so much more minimal now.
“I don’t just waste money on things I don’t need.”
It allowed for freedom and was cheap, she said.
“We pay $100 a week in rent and we own our own house.”

Corianne Holmes and Patrick Brunelle will open their home to the public when they move to Waimate. A date is yet to be set but you can check https://southislandtinyhouse.wordpress.com/ for updates.jordan Sneakersnike dunk low white gray blue color chart Light Smoke Grey