Heading in the right direction .. South Canterbury road safety co-ordinator Daniel Naude is working to rectify incorrect GPS mapping of parts of the district. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

Google has refined its mapping of South Canterbury after being alerted to inaccuracies.

The company’s online navigation tool had included roads in the area which no longer existed, including Griffin Lane, as well as other inaccuracies.

Griffin Lane in Orari was closed about seven years ago and has since become part of a paddock.

Google corrected its mapping of Orari after South Canterbury road safety co-ordinator Daniel Naude alerted the company to the mistake.

He had also pointed out inaccuracies in Google’s mapping of Grassy Hills Rd in Waimate and Ribbonwood Rd on the Geraldine Downs.

Grassy Hills Rd is a paper road, but this was not indicated on the mapping system.

Ribbonwood Rd is a dead-end road, but on the map appeared to intersect with Tripp St.

Those inaccuracies had been corrected, Mr Naude said.

He had also alerted Google to incorrect mapping of Hunter Hills Rd and Back Line Rd, in Timaru, and Opuha St East and Hawke Rd, in Orari, but those mistakes were yet to be corrected.

Mapping of Hunter Hills Rd showed an incorrect street number and directions were unclear.

The mapping system frequently suggested using Back Line Rd but it was a bumpy road which took motorists through fords, and he had suggested Blue Cliffs Rd as a better option, Mr Naude said.

Hawke Rd does exist, but is cut off by a river.

Opuha St East appeared as one long road on the system’s map, but was in fact divided by a railway line only pedestrians could cross.

To access the street on the other side of the railway tracks, motorists must take an alternative route.

Mr Naude said he brought the mistakes to Google’s attention via its feedback service.

“I am actually relieved because I was told that you don’t hear back from them.”

He urged the public to use the feedback service to report any mapping inaccuracies they knew of.Buy SneakersPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers