South Canterbury Child Restraint Rentals com mittee member Laura Carter (left), co- ordinator Debbie Kingan, AMI branch manager Mark Reeve, customer services officer Izzy Hodgson and assistant manager Jenny Bowers.

80 percent of children’s car seats in Timaru fitted incorrectly

A Timaru check of children’s car seats found 80% were incorrectly fitted or installed.

South Canterbury Child Restraints Rental co-ordinator Debbie Kingan said car seat checks carried out throughout New Zealand by police and other organisations had found that just 20% were fitted correctly.

A check carried out by Timaru Police and Mrs Kingan found the local situation was no different.

Mrs Kingan said common problems were.–

The top tether strap was not connected, seat belts holding the seat were not tight enough, allowing the seat to move too much, harnesses being too loose or at the wrong height for the child or the chest buckle sitting too low on the child’s body.

“It’s just people not knowing. Sometimes it’s as simple as a child wearing a jacket to kindy in the morning, but not in the afternoon.”

Mrs Kingan is a qualified child restraint technician, and one of the services offered by South Canterbury Child Restraints Rental is a $10 check to ensure car seats are fitted correctly.


by Claire Allison

A Timaru insurance company has thrown its support behind a child restraint rental scheme.

AMI Insurance staff held a quiz night recently which raised $6077 for South Canterbury Child Restraint Rentals – significantly more than last year’s fundraising efforts of $3877.

AMI Branch manager Mark Reeve said supporting the scheme fitted well within AMI’s aim to help keep the world a safer place, and the evening had been well supported by sponsors, those who had donated prizes, and people who took part in the quiz.

South Canterbury Child Restraint Rentals co-ordinator Debbie Kingan said the donation would enable the organisation to buy more car seats, which generally cost $100 to $200 each.

“It means we will be able to actually build a seat pool so we can start making money. The more seats we can get, the more we can hire out.”

Mrs Kingan said that last Christmas, she had to decline two people, as the 40 car seats in stock at the time were all hired out.

“So we’ll be building up the stock for long and short-term rentals.”

The rental scheme was established in December 2016, following the closure of the Plunket rental scheme.Sports Shoesツーブロック × アシメ 【最新メンズヘアカタログ】 , メンズファッションメディア