Flowers repeatedly stolen from grave

Not impressed . . . Robbie Boulton, with Rhodesian Ridgeback Bella at his wife's grave in the Geraldine Cemetery.

by Claire Allison

Betty Boulton loved flowers.

So at least once a week, her widower, 82-year-old Robbie, takes the family dog, Bella, to visit the Geraldine Cemetery and place fresh and artificial flowers at her gravesite.

And, all too often, someone comes along later and steals them, and often the vases and containers as well.

“To have the flowers, vases and containers removed on many occasions is an extremely distasteful thing to do and has caused much distress to us all.”

The most recent theft was the most upsetting. Mr Boulton, his daughter Julie, and Australian-based daughter Sandra and her two sons, made a special trip to the cemetery as a family.

They had bought two bouquets of artificial flowers to place on the grave.

“As a family, we lovingly arranged them on either side of the headstone.

“This was a special occasion, as after losing my only granddaughter in 2018 after a tragic accident, being together with my family is precious and something I treasure more than ever.

“Several days later, not only were the bouquets missing, but also the containers.”

The family at first wondered if they were being targeted, but have recently learned other graves have been robbed of floral tributes, too.

“Our feeling now is anger . . . so to the person or persons doing this, we ask that it stops. The police have been notified, and nothing good will come from this if it continues.

“I think we need the support of the public to apprehend this person.”

Daughter Julie said the sad thing was that if it was someone who wanted nice flowers, her dad would probably give them some.

“Mum would have been the first to offer.”affiliate tracking urlNike