Five questions with . . . Timaru Film Society’s Jayne Blakemore


Five questions with . . . Timaru Film Society co-organiser Jayne Blakemore

Q. How has the first year been for the Film Society?

Our initial three film pre-season exceeded expectations and demonstrated that there is considerable interest in a Film Society programme. Our group nearly filled Movie Max’s largest theatre each time. It has provided us with a terrific membership base for our first full year in 2018.

Q. What was the reason for setting it up?

Recognising a need for a regular alternative to the mainstream fare on offer here.

Q. How are things looking for this year?

Very positive. With a varied programme, support through our membership and Movie Max we are looking forward to further increasing our numbers and becoming an established part of the arts scene in Timaru.

Q. What films are you most looking forward to in this year’s programme?

The films from countries that we do not usually see in Timaru. But it might be better to ask [me] at the end of the year which were the favourites, as it’s not always those we anticipate which give us the most food for thought. It’s good to [be] open to being surprised. That’s the beauty about the programme on offer.

Q. How/why did you select the films you did?

We are provided a list of available films from the New Zealand Federation of Film Societies.

We then create a wish-list to fulfil our programme and the federation provides a completed list once they have factored in the availability of the films from overseas and how the other societies’ timings work.

We got a good indication of how people responded to the three films shown last year and combined that with the committee’s assessment of what we felt would work.

At the end of this year we will have a fuller view of what type of films our audience respond to.latest RunningNike News