Road and foot traffic options in Tekapo are up for consultation until December 1.

The Mackenzie District Council has developed three options for two areas of the South Canterbury tourist town, focusing on the town centre area off State Highway 8 and on Pioneer Dr by the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Roading manager Scott McKenzie said there were three options for each of the two areas, which focused on traffic flows around Tekapo.

The proposals looked at drivers, pedestrians and cyclists using the town, whether they were visiting or living there, he said.

As well as focusing on current issues with traffic flows, the council was also looking to increasing tourist numbers in the years ahead, Mr McKenzie said.

As some visitors chose to trundle suitcases along the roadsides, sometimes even alongside the state highway instead of using the designated footpaths, putting in more footpaths in the town was a priority, he said.

Increasing parking for visitors to the Church of the Good Shepherd was also in the plan, along with additional cycleways for both residents and tourists.

Mr McKenzie hoped Tekapo residents would have their say about the plans because it would affect them as the town grew residentially and commercially.

Although the plans were part of a district-wide strategy for tourism in the Mackenzie district, the council was just focusing on the two tourist-heavy areas in Tekapo in the meantime, he said.

The council held a community consultation meeting on Sunday afternoon, but residents and others could still put in their own submissions to the council until next Friday.

The costs of the projects were not yet known and would be factored into the selection. Funding was expected to come from both the council and the NZ Transport Agency, he said.

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