Fairlie’s third defibrillator

Mackenzie Library manager Jackie Phillips (left) and Mackenzie College principal Jason Reid have welcomed the arrival of a new defibrilator to the town, located at the library. The new AED means there are now three in the town, with one at the Four Square and one at the Mackenzie District Council. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Fairlie is now home to three potentially life-saving defibrillators.

The town now has one at the Four Square shop, one outside the Mackenzie District Council and now a third at the Mackenzie Community Library.

Former Mackenzie College principal Reece Goldsmith launched the initiative to get the third defibrillator after realising how long it would take someone to get to one of the existing ones, should it be needed in the vicinity of the college.

Mackenzie College executive officer Christine Elliott said having another of the devices, officially called automated external defibrillators (AED), in the area made sense because the wider community had access to the nearby sports grounds and library.

“We felt it was quite a good site to have another AED,” she said.

“That was discussed with the board of trustees. Then someone suggested we could apply for funding and we were very generously accepted, but we just had to top it up.

“We were most appreciative.”

St John, which supplied the AED, has since trained some of the school’s staff on how to use the device.

However, anyone needing to use a defibrillator can access it.

The AED is stored in a box secured by a combination lock. When a person requiring the machine rings 111, they will be provided with the lock’s combination.Sneakers StoreAir Jordan