Drivers urged to be extra careful


Drivers have been encouraged to take extra care on the roads as sightseers stop to take photos of Tekapo’s lupins.
Mid South Canterbury area commander inspector Dave Gaskin urged drivers to keep a lookout for people taking photos.
Insp Gaskin said while they often received reports of drivers parking on unsafe stretches of the highway to take photos of the blooming flowers, police could only educate the drivers they happened to spot.
“There’s not a heck of a lot we can do.”
He said there were two main issues around the lupins: drivers pulling over in “inappropriate areas” near the army camp by Irishman’s creek, south of Tekapo, and drivers crossing the busy roads on foot to take photographs.
Drivers were urged to keep to the speed limit over the holiday period to prevent any more fatalities on South Canterbury roads.
“We’ve had an horrific 12 months on the roads.”
There had been 17 fatal crashes on South and Mid Canterbury roads in the past 12 months, Insp Gaskin said.
“These things leave a mark on families.”
Police would have extra staff working over the holiday period, especially between Christmas and New Year.
Insp Gaskin said police were not discouraging people from going out and enjoying the holiday break, but encouraged them to take care on the roads.
While police would be “unpopular” enforcing the tighter speed rules of no more than 4kmh over the limit from tomorrow until January 4, it was worth it if it saved lives, he said.
“Just keep your speed down.”Sportswear DesignNike