Uneven . . . Long-overdue work on Temuka's Domain Ave is set to begin later this year. PHOTO: CHRIS TOBIN

by Chris Tobin

Work to sort out bumpy Domain Ave in Temuka is set to start later in the year, to the relief of the local community board and council representatives.

“People have been asking, ‘When is work going to begin?’,” Temuka Community Board chairman and Timaru district councillor Paddy O’Reilly said.

He and fellow councillor Richard Lyon had been asking the same question of council staff for about three years.

“For us, as councillors, it has been an embarrassment it’s dragged on so long.”

The Timaru District Council’s group manager infrastructure, Ashley Harper, said work would start on September 1.

“The reconstruction and resurfacing is programmed from September 1 this year [and] will provide a far smoother surface for road users.

“We have investigated some short-term fixes but these work out more costly over the lifetime of the road and wouldn’t be eligible for government subsidies.”

Mr Harper said the subsidies came from NZTA and could be 50% of the cost, but the work had to meet certain cost and quality requirements.

“Domain Ave is a high priority in Temuka and there is a section that is in very poor condition.

“It is best practice to allow settlement of a new sewer main pipe to ensure no further trenching works are required, and this has led to an unavoidable delay.”

Mr O’Reilly said he and Mr Lyon had hoped the work could have started earlier.

“That’s the best deal we’ve been able to come up with.

“We’d have liked them to start sooner but we’ve got to go on the engineers’ reports.”

He said the council would put on signage regarding the work and a drop-in day would be held at which the public could gain further information about the project.jordan release dateNike