by Alexia Johnston

Getting involved in the community is paying off for a group of Mackenzie College pupils.
At least 20 of the school’s pupils were recently awarded certificates for their efforts throughout the year as part of the Mackenzie College junior diploma initiative for year 9 to 10 pupils.
Year 9 and 10 dean Rosie Adams, who oversees the junior diploma scheme, said the initiative encouraged community involvement throughout the year. Pupils had to participate in at least three of four strands – sporting, culture, service and academic achievement.
Pupils were required to undertake a regular commitment in the first three strands and keep a record of it. This was verified by their coaches or supervisors. Pupils could receive additional recognition for “excellence” in each strand.
At the end of year 10 those who qualified enjoyed a special evening meal and received certificates and badges to mark their achievement.
This year 86% of the year group gained the junior diploma and of these 81% gained distinction in at least one aspect.jordan Sneakersyeezy turtle dove description chart for girls Mid Light Smoke Grey