by Rachael Comer

Fruit and vegetables are a  great option when eating, and when old they can be used to make a great cake, a group of Timaru school pupils say.
Following last week’s announcement that 104,000 New Zealand children will benefit from the Fruit in Schools programme, The Courier visited Timaru South School to find out what pupils had to say about fruit and vegetables.
This year, 543 schools will take part in the programme, with quality seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered each week.
Six South Canterbury schools – Grantlea Downs, Oceanview Heights, Waimate Main, St Joseph’s Temuka, Timaru South (Pareora site) and Timaru South (Timaru site) – will benefit from the programme this year.
The Courier took a selection of fruit and vegetables to the school and sat down with five pupils to talk about them.
When asked to identify each fruit – cucumber, corn, apple, banana, capsicum and kiwifruit – the pupils knew each food but not all agreed each was nice to eat.
Deacon Bool-McDonald only enjoyed eating cucumbers in home-made burgers, while Javonte Faolua liked them in salads.
The pupils were quick to identify a banana correctly, and Deacon enjoyed his with custard, while Taylah Cross liked the fruit on her toast.
Javonte had a different idea about bananas.
“At home we try not to eat the bananas so that they go brown and then Mum has to make cake with them.
“Banana cake is yummy.”
The group all grew different fruit and vegetables in their family gardens at home and enjoyed eating healthy food, they said.
Bananas, kiwifruit or apples were usually the popular choice for their lunchboxes, too.
As part of the Fruit in Schools programme, up to 24 different types of fruit and vegetables will be on the menu throughout the country.Buy SneakersZapatillas de baloncesto Nik