Courthouse work gets $28K boost

Help needed . . . Historical society secretary Heather Moss and quake strengthening project manager Pat Mulvey say local financial supoporet is essential in order to preserve the building. PHOTO: CHRIS TOBIN

by Chris Tobin

Some good news for lovers of the old Temuka courthouse building: the Temuka and Districts Historical Society has received much-needed funding for the difficult process of earthquake strengthening it.

Project manager Pat Mulvey said the society had received $18,227 from the Lotteries Environment and Heritage Fund.

“It will go to do more reports which should be ready by the end of September or October.”

Further funding of $10,000 had been received from the Temuka Community Board from its discretionary fund.

“It all keeps it going,” Mr Mulvey said.

The building housed the local museum and contained a vast range of items reflecting Temuka’s history as well as extensive material that was helpful for researchers.

“Hopefully, we’ll be in a position by the end of the year to advise the community how we go about it.

“And we’re always open to offers of financial assistance.”

A final cost of strengthening the building was unknown at this stage.

“Our structural engineer, Win Clark, will do a peer review of the seismic assessment and will give us options.

“It’s going to be expensive. It won’t be cheap.”

He said the society would definitely need the community’s financial support.

“So that we can go and advise major funders that we got local support with hard cash.”

The former courthouse has a category 2 rating from Heritage New Zealand and was built in 1900.

Outbuildings include a morgue, which was added in Running shoesGirls Air Jordan