Bowie's back . . . David Brighton, an acclaimed impersonator of the late David Bowie, will perform at the Caroline Bay Soundshell on January 13. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Caroline Bay Carnival begins today.

All concerts will be held at the Soundshell, competitions in the Entertainment Centre. Competitions can be entered on the day.

December 26: Caroline Bay Carnival opening by Mayor Damon Odey at 2pm, followed by the Sha-Low Band. The Recliner Rockers will perform at 7pm.

December 27: Tiny Tots Contest 11am in the Entertainment Area for children 2-4 years old. Grandmother and Grandchild Contest at 11.30am. The Recliner Rockers will perform at the Soundshell at 2pm and the Tasman AZ Band at 7pm.

Homegrown talent Kiwi duo Cooper’s Run, comprising Ashley Cooper and Michael Tipping, will perform at the Caroline Bay Carnival in early January. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

December 28: Junior Miss Cutie Contest for girls aged 5-7, in the Entertainment Area, 11am. Miss Cutie Contest for girls aged 8-9 at 11.15am and Fancy Dress Competition for children aged 0-9 at 11.30am. Tasman AZ will perform at 2pm at the Soundshell and White Chapel Jak at 7pm.

December 29: Mother and Daughter Contest, 11am in the Entertainment Area, open to mothers with daughters aged 3-5. Mother and Son Contest at 11.15, open to mothers with sons aged 3-5. Princess of the Sands Elimination round, beachwear costumes, open to girls aged 10-11, starts 11.30am. White Chapel Jak will perform in the Soundshell at 2pm. The Princess of the Sands Contest will be held in the Entertainment Centre at 2.50pm. The Mitis at 7pm in the Soundshell, followed by the Princess of the Sands Final at 7.50pm in the Entertainment Centre.

December 30: Junior Master Caroline Bay Contest, open to boys 5-7, starts 11am in the Entertainment Area, followed by the Master Caroline Bay Contest for boys aged 8 and 9 at 11.15am. Junior Miss Caroline Bay preliminaries for girls aged 12-14 at 11.30am. The Mitis play at the Soundshell at 2pm. Junior Miss Caroline Bay Contest in the Entertainment Centre at 2.50pm, before Soul Agency play at 7pm at the Soundshell, followed by the Junior Miss Caroline Bay finals at 7.50pm.

December 31: Soul Agency in the Soundshell at 2pm, drummer Jackson Roche at the Band Rotunda at 3pm, NCIS in the Soundshell at 7pm, Jackson Roche in the Band Rotunda at 8pm, NCIS Party Time in the Soundshell from 9-11pm. Jackson Roche in the Band Rotunda at 11pm and the Monster Pub Charity Fireworks Display at 12am.

Entertainment . . . Timaru’s own Should Be Band will perform at the Caroline Bay Carnival on January 11. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

January 1: Boys egg-and-spoon and running races, 11am, and girls’ races 11.30am, on the grass by the water fountain near Loop Rd. The Big Dig, 12pm, children only, held east of the mini golf area. Samantha and the Maestro will perform in the Soundshell at 2pm and Celine and the Doctor will perform at 7pm.

January 2: Children’s Pet Parade, 11am, on the grass area by the Bay Hall, Celine and The Doctor at the Soundshell, 2pm. Cooper’s Run will also perform at 7pm.

January 3: Sand Modelling in the Beach Area, 11am, for children under 5 to age 15. Cooper’s Run in the Soundshell at 2pm and The Ranchsliders at 7pm.

January 4: Alpine Energy Talent Quest auditions for juniors (12 and under) in the Soundshell, 9am. Talent Quest junior semifinal at 2pm, Talent Quest intermediate (13-17) auditions at 3.30pm, Talent Quest intermediate semifinal at 7pm.

January 5: Talent Quest senior (18 and over) auditions in the Soundshell, 9am, Talent Quest senior semifinal at 2pm, Holiday Queen contestants first appearance (open to all women 15 and older) at 2.55pm. Talent Quest all three sections finals in the Soundshell at 7pm. Holiday Queen contestants final appearance at 7.55pm.

‘It’s back’ . . . The Caroline Bay Carnival, pictured at dusk, returns on Boxing Day. PHOTO: BRIAN HIGH

January 6: The Peaks and Plains Morris Dancing Tour, 10.15am by the boardwalk, The New Entrants in the Soundshell at 2pm.

January 11: Should Be Band and Sons of Remo at the Soundshell, 7pm.

January 12: NZ/DC at the Soundshell, AC/DC tribute band, at the Soundshell at 2pm and again at 7pm.

January 13: David Bowie Tribute Show, starring acclaimed Bowie impersonator David Brighton, at the Soundshell, from 2pm.Best Sneakers【国内1月29日先行発売予定】バンズ オーセンティック レザー ブラック (V44CF LEATHER) – スニーカーウォーズ