Casting his role as businessman


by Alexia Johnston

Young entrepreneur Harrison Shannon is breaking the mould.

While other children his age are playing with their Lego, Harrison has found a way to cash in on his love of the popular pastime.

The youngster has created concrete Lego men, Lego crayons and, most recently, a 64.5cm tall stackable concrete Christmas tree, all of which he has made and sold during the school holidays.

His creations are in hot demand in Mid and South Canterbury after listing them for sale online.

Harrison’s business venture started after he told his mum, Cali Smith, he wanted to go on holiday.

She reminded him a holiday would require money.

“He said he’ll get a job then.”

With that in mind, Harrison set to work. He started by searching Pinterest, an online catalogue of ideas, where he came across concrete projects using moulds.

“He saw giant Lego heads and said ‘I’m going to make Lego men’,” Ms Smith said.

“He’s sussed it out and he’s made just over 80.”

Setting the standard . . . Harrison Shannon’s concrete Lego men, which he created during the school holidays. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Harrison still has some work ahead of him, having received orders for more than 100 of the concrete Lego moulds, as of late last week.

“So we’re still casting concrete,” Ms Smith said.

While she is happy to assist, a helping hand costs Harrison $1 per Lego man.

He has printed timesheets for his helpers to fill in and hand-writes receipts for each customer.

Harrison also has a spreadsheet detailing his costs, sales, orders coming in and profit made.

Although school holidays are over, his hard-earned cash will still go to a good home – a term deposit, after he has bought some more Lego, he told his mum.

And, as for the holiday, a family trip to China is on the cards next year.Nike Sneakers StoreBoots