Boy racer issue ‘requires more than odd complaint’


by George Clark

Efforts to stop boy racers in Timaru are continuing.

Four years ago, business owners and residents sought action from the Timaru District Council to tackle boy racers and loud trucks engine-braking in Timaru’s Evans St.

A petition presented by resident Tony Christie and motelier John Doak with 361 signatures from residents prompted action by South Canterbury road safety co-ordinator Daniel Naude.

This week Mr Christie and Mr Doak said past efforts to stop boy racers had not been enough.

“We installed sound recorders on different properties across Evans St, monitoring high frequencies,” Mr Naude said.

“The NZTA also installed a noise camera, receiving weekly reports, and interestingly, boy racer territory was found to be the least noisy.”

Collected data showed sirens were the loudest offenders, motorbikes next worst followed by trucks.

At the time, possible solutions included a “no cruising” zone in Evans St, a more proactive approach by police and encouraging residents to call the police when the offending was happening.

Mr Naude said unless people complained, an approach to the problem could not be considered.

“It is not an easy fix. We need people to sit down with police and come up with a solution,” he said.

“This requires more than the odd complaint. I have had reports of members of the public stepping out in front of cars trying to stop them and that is not OK – safety is paramount.

“I acknowledge that it is not an easy fix. We need the public to consistently complain and then discuss ideas to stop the problem.

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