Coffee time . . . Timaru Christian School pupils Rachel Harrison (left) and Hannah Rentoul (both 14) have been making coffees on Friday afternoons for people picking up pupils. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

by Greta Yeoman

Free coffee on the school run, anyone?

Parents and caregivers picking up pupils from Timaru Christian School over the past term were in luck, as year 10 food technology pupils developed their coffee-making skills with support from the coffee-drinking crowd.

The four pupils in the class have been learning barista skills for the past two terms and spent half an hour during the Friday afternoon school pick-up rush making free coffees for parents and caregivers.

Teacher Leone Lee said the Friday afternoon sessions, along with preparation and training in class time, had allowed the pupils to develop their confidence behind the coffee machine.

Pupil Hannah Rentoul reckoned they dealt with 20-25 people in the half-hour window.

Mrs Lee said this meant it was a good opportunity for the young baristas to develop their coffee craft under the pressure of time and multiple orders.

It was hoped the pupils would get to a level where they could sell coffee at school events, such as prizegiving, she said.

Any money raised from such a venture would go to a charity of the pupils’ choice.

The pupils had also had to come up with a business plan to decide what beans to buy, as well as looking at the cost of milk, cups, stirrers and other utensils, she said.Sports News男性必見!パイパンにしてみたらメリットしかなかった体験談