Bakehouse taking shape


by Alexia Johnston

Good things take time – just ask Franz Lieber, of the Fairlie Bakehouse.
Mr Lieber has watched renovations take shape at the bakehouse since about February. The project was due to be completed by the middle of November, he said.
The renovations had been designed to provide customers with more room for dining in, both indoors and out. The developments would also mean Mr Lieber’s staff would get a state-of-the-art kitchen to work from.
Once completed, everyone would benefit, he said.
The improvements would mean the shop could seat 90 people inside and out, up from 36 before renovations started.
“I think my staff are quite excited. They are keen [to see it completed] as well, not just me.”
The development would not have any negative influence, he said, from the shop’s temporary neighbouring site.
Fairlie Bakehouse, specialising in pies and sweet treats, was established by Mr Lieber eight years ago. Since its launch, product sales had increased by 2000%.
While it was not a very old business, in the grand scheme of things, a lot had been achieved in that time, he said.
“I think it will be really good for the town,” he said of the latest developments.Best Authentic SneakersNike for Men