Bag-free campaign on roll


by Rachael Comer

A Temuka woman’s plastic-bag-free campaign is gaining momentum.
Karen McClintock would like to see use of plastic bags in the town reduced and has had a group of volunteers sew about 90 reusable bags to be used as an alternative.
The bags are now being distributed throughout the town with information about how people can get involved in the initiative.
Ms McClintock got residents at Wallingford Resthome to attach information notes to about 60 of the reusable bags.
“I have another 30 or so bags still to come in and have got a few more sewers on board from leaving sample of bags around town with the note on them,” she said.
Throughout July she will have a display in the former drapery shop window and Opihi College environmental class members will help her with the project.
“The Temuka Library are going to have the bags there for people to take during school holidays and also they are doing a recycling display.”
Ms McClintock said material to make the reusable bags had been “coming in steadily” from op shops in the town and from people that had read a story in The Courier earlier this month.
She also acknowledged the sewing efforts of Lorraine Corcoran, of Cave, who constructed 68 bags from material Ms McClintock supplied her with.
The idea for the initiative came about after Ms McClintock travelled to the North Island and noticed soft recycling bins at supermarkets, which also gave a 5c discount per reusable bag brought in.
“On further investigation, I found that Foodstuffs South Island have this also, and it has been taken up by some stores in Christchurch.
“You don’t have to believe in climate change to see that we’re treating our planet like a rubbish bin,” she said.
For more information, contact Ms McClintock on 27 497-7110.bridge media困ったらここ!実家暮らしカップルの定番デートスポット5選