Author produces sequel to novel

Latest offering . Timaru author Bernadette Joyce with her recently launched book The Effects of Henry's Cage, Roberta's Story. The book is a sequel. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

by Alexia Johnston

Bernadette Joyce’s passion for storytelling has resulted in The Effects of Henry’s Cage, Roberta’s Story, a sequel to her first novel, The Effects of Henry’s Cage, Elean’s Story
A dedicated writer, she initially wrote a 165,000-word manuscript by hand before she started typing, Joyce said. She had to divide the manuscript in half, the first half forming Elean’s Story
Since then, she had spent countless hours fine-tuning the remaining half of the manuscript, which formed the sequel, The Effects of Henry’s Cage, Roberta’s Story
“It took a year to do,” the Timaru author said of her latest work. “But I had the original manuscript. It wasn’t as if I was writing from nothing.”
She has tactics when it comes to writing, preferring to note down ideas before going to sleep.
“As I’m going off to sleep, I think about the next bit I’m doing,” she said.
“What I do is I get up early in the morning because that’s the time of the day I’m freshest. If I’m tired it’s not an easy thing to do.
“As I go to the computer it’s already there because I’ve thought out what to say.”
The first book, which was released in December 2015, was 81,000 words long, while the second was 132,000 words, which surprised her, she said.
However, she was pleased with the results and the feedback she had received so far.
The Effects of Henry’s Cage, Roberta’s Story has a strong South Island focus, including scenes set in Dunedin and Kaitangata, near Balclutha.
It also had an element of history about it, she said, similar to the earlier book.
Roberta’s Story follows the character Roberta Cameron, whose birth is surrounded by a mysterious scandal.
This mystery entraps her but eventually she finds the strength to escape and discovers the world has much to offer.
Joyce said she was pleased with the end result, including the cover, which was designed by one of her friends, Lynette Melville, who is a tutor at Senior Net.
“It’s just fantastic.”
She was also impressed by the first book’s cover, she said.
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