Aurora display captured


The dancing lights in the night sky above Lake Ruataniwha provided the perfect subject for a keen Omarama photographer.
Jack Zorab took a series of photos of the aurora australis as it lit up the sky in the Mackenzie Country on Saturday night.
Mr Zorab took the photos at Lake Ruataniwha looking south across the rowing track, on a Canon 1200D DSLR camera.
“An alert popped up on Facebook [to say the aurora australis was happening] so I grabbed my camera and left Omarama quick smart.”
His camera took 25-second exposures for about five hours.
“I’ve never seen anything like it where the colour was visible to the naked eye.
“It was like there were spotlights being shone up into the sky.”
The Aurora Australis is the result of particles in solar winds colliding with atmospheric gases. The particles converge and become more visible close to the Earth’s poles.Sports Newsnike