The Seadown Hall is turning 60, a milestone which will be celebrated this weekend thanks to its committee. Among those members helping plan the event are, from left, Wendy Marr, Jack White, Denise White, Debbie Kelliher, Barry Davies and Craig Gibson. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

by Alexia Johnston

Seadown’s community is celebrating 60 years of social events.

The hall in the small settlement north of Timaru will turn 60 this month, a milestone that will be celebrated with an afternoon tea and dinner on Saturday.

While the celebrations will be low-key, the anniversary was one the committee was determined to acknowledge – just as it had for the hall’s 50th.

The hall, which is in the heart of the rural Seadown area, was something the wider community could be proud of, committee chairman Jack White said.

“We are quite proud of our little wee hall because it’s owned by the community,” he said.

It has been the centre of many celebrations, from anniversaries to weddings and meetings to club events.

“Our local dance is our main fundraiser of the year,” Mr White said.

“We still have local clubs come in – table tennis and bowls mainly in the winter months. It still gets used [for] local meetings like Civil Defence meetings, and it gets used when we have elections, where it’s used as a voting booth,” he said.

“There’s the odd wedding in there – not many, [but also] 18ths and 21sts.”

Mr White said generations of people had made the most of the hall and given back to it whenever Running shoesNike