33,000 daffodils bring sunshine

Daffodil Day returns today, brightening up the day of people throughout the country. Among those helping make the day a success was SC Cancer Society health promoter and fundraiser Alex Govan (left) and Mackenzie Smith (right, 8) who were on hand during the delivery of 33,000 of the flowers to Timaru at the weekend.

A single flower has the ability to brighten anyone’s day, so imagine the power of the 33,000 daffodils now circulating South Canterbury.

The South Canterbury Cancer Society received the daffodils on Sunday, ready for distribution throughout the district as part of today’s Daffodil Day.

Volunteers delivered the flowers to South Canterbury businesses throughout the wider district, from Lake Tekapo, Fairlie, St Andrews, Pleasant Point and everywhere in between.

South Canterbury Cancer Society manager Leola Smith said while some businesses bought the flowers for their clients to enjoy when they visited, others asked that they be passed on to cancer patients.

“We’ve had one lovely person who’s donated, for a second year in a row, $500 worth of flowers to patients.”

To picture that generosity, imagine nine bunches of 50 daffodils, or a combined 460 stems of flowers.

“It’s nice for people to get daffodils because they know people are thinking of them,” she said.

“At the Cancer Society we do everything for our patients. It all comes back to our patients. We want them to know they are not alone.”

However, the day was also about brightening up everyone’s day and bringing them a hint of spring.

The flowers, grown commercially at Hadstock Farms, Christchurch, were delivered to the South Canterbury Cancer Society on Sunday afternoon and transferred from cartons into buckets of water to ensure they remained in prime condition.

Ms Smith had a plan of attack ready for the arrival of delivery volunteers on Monday, including members of the South Canterbury Vintage Car Club.

Those who had to drive the furthest had their vehicles piled up with daffodils first, allowing them to get on their way.

Another delivery of daffodils was made on Wednesday, when 3000 flowers were delivered to rural groups to sell on the streets today.Buy Kicks男性必見!パイパンにしてみたらメリットしかなかった体験談