Mother’s Day special occasion to celebrate


While celebrating mothers should be done every day, Roselyn Fauth thinks it is nice to have a day set aside to recognise mums.
This Sunday marks a special time in the lives of many South Canterbury women.
Mother’s Day is a chance for sons, daughters, husbands and other family members to show their appreciation for the special women in their lives.
Mrs Fauth, of Timaru, will spend this Sunday with her mother and her daughter Medinella (2).
“I think that some people would say every day is a celebration of motherhood,” she said.
“Sometimes, though, it’s nice to get a special day all to ourselves.”
She said she could never have imagined just what motherhood was about, until she had her own child.
“I didn’t realise until I had my own girl just what I put my mother through.”
As a mother, she was learning every day, she said.
“I’m learning how to manage tantrums, time sharing and being a working mum, too.”
Mrs Fauth said while the commercial side of Mother’s Day was not her thing, she had a surprise in store for her mother.
“Usually it’s breakfast for her. I don’t like the commercial side but we do like to spend time together, which is very important.”
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