Winter tramping reminder



Those heading outdoors this winter are reminded to plan for their trips and all potential weather conditions.

The reminder by police followed several recent instances of people getting into trouble in the outdoors, Canterbury Police Search and Rescue (SAR) co-ordinator Sergeant Phil Simmonds said.

Good preparation was necessary whether people were heading out on a multiday tramp or just a day walk, he said.

“People are urged to plan their trips, prepare for all conditions and properly equip themselves before setting off.”

He also reminded them to take into account the shorter daylight hours and below-freezing temperatures at night.

Those heading outdoors are reminded to:

Plan your trip: seek local advice and knowledge if unfamiliar with terrain and conditions, and thoroughly plan your route before heading out.

Tell someone where you are going, and let them know when to raise the alarm if you don’t return.

Beware of the weather: New Zealand weather is very unpredictable and can deteriorate quickly.

Check the forecast and expect weather changes.

Know your limits: do not push your physical limits and experience in unfamiliar or dangerous terrain.

Take the right supplies and equipment: make sure you have the right clothing for the conditions, and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario.

Also take appropriate means of communication.

Think: if you get into trouble, can you call for help? Who knows where you are? Do you have the clothing, food and equipment to stay safe until help arrives?

More information about staying safe in the great outdoors can be found at the Mountain Safety Council website – – or sport media『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧