Science school . . . Timaru Girls' High School pupil Hannah Konings (17) has gone to Germany to take part in an international science camp. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

by Greta Yeoman

A three-week trip to Germany for Timaru high school pupil Hannah Konings will have a scientific focus.

The year 13 Timaru Girls’ High School pupil is attending the XLAB International Science Camp in the German town of Gottingen, along with about 50 other high school and first-year university students.

She is one of two New Zealanders taking part in the camp, hosted at the University of Gottingen.

The camp started on Saturday, and will run until August 25.

Gottingen – which is most well-known for its university – is located about an hour and a-half south of Hanover and three and a-half hours southwest of Berlin.

Speaking to The Courier last week, before she flew out on Friday, Hannah (17) said the science camp had offered a range of topics for the attendees to choose from.

The groups would focus on their selected topics for a week at a time.

Her selection had included astrophysics, inorganic chemistry and looking at “ionic radiation in life sciences” – which included looking at plants and medicines, as well as analysing human tissue with and without tumours, she said.

Hannah, who studies chemistry, physics and calculus, found the science camp through a list of international opportunities one of her science teachers provided.

She had wanted to do more international travel, as well as extra science study, so the trip combined both well. She was also looking forward to “meeting other like-minded people” during her time at XLAB (eXperimental LABoratory).

She would also visit friends in another part of Germany whom she had stayed with during an exchange.Sports ShoesAir Jordan 1 Mid “Bling” Releasing for Women