Giving back . . . YMCA YSkills students (from left) William Wallace (16), Amy Westell (15) and Ayla Brown (20) were assembling lunchboxes for school pupils on Tuesday morning as part of their Five Acts of Kindness project. The lunchboxes included fruit, yoghurt and raisin packets, along with scones and sandwiches made by the students. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

by Greta Yeoman

Stacking firewood, making lunches for school pupils and delivering groceries are just some of the Acts of Kindness undertaken by YMCA students this week.

The YSkills and YSkills for Life students were taking up five acts of kindness during Youth Week, which has been running from Monday until tomorrow.

Tutor Natasha Dominey said this year’s Youth Week theme was “We are more than you see” and that was demonstrated by the Timaru young people giving back to their communities.

She said the students had raised several negative ideas about themselves held by society because of how they dressed, the fact they no longer attended high school or simply the fact they were young.

“Teenagers have a lot more to give than what society sees.”

So the students had spent the week helping out around town – including stacking wood for a solo mother on Monday, purchasing and preparing lunchboxes for pupils at Oceanview and Timaru South schools on Tuesday, and picking up rubbish at Patiti Point on Wednesday.

Ms Dominey said Thursday’s activity of grocery shopping for a Timaru resident with cancer would also involve the young people preparing and delivering an evening meal to her.

She said she had put a request out for nominations on social media, and a resident with cancer had been nominated by several members of the community.

The students would then be painting rocks to put around childrens’ play areas around Timaru on Friday.

All five project ideas had been thought of by the students.Best SneakersEspina(エスピナ)のアイテムを使ったコーディネート一覧