Taking charge . . . Theresa Hart.

by George Clark

Cancer can take a lot from you, but one Timaru woman decided she would take something first.

Theresa Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of November last year. Following surgery on December 9, she was told chemotherapy was needed, which would probably result in the loss of her long hair.

“I decided I was going to shave my head and take control of it. That’s when the people around me stood up and said ‘we’ll do it as well, to help and support you’.”

First cut . . . Husband Alistair Hart takes the first chop

Mrs Hart shaved her head on Saturday, along with her two sisters, Kathleen Roche and Shirlene Cochrane, daughter Lana Hart and schoolfriend Lorraine Thompson.

Sisterhood in sunflowers . . . the five girls. Kathleen Roche, Shirlene Cochrane, Theres Hart, Lana Hart and Lorraine Thompson.

“The Darlings just outside of Timaru allowed us to have a photoshoot in their sunflower patch,” she said.

“You feel very vulnerable. I’m telling my story to help others, because it can be pretty dark.”

Following her first round of chemotherapy in Timaru Hospital last week, husband Alistair Hart and friends are continuing ongoing support.

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