Showing their support


Pleasant Point rugby supporters are a dedicated bunch.
Wives and girlfriends of the club’s Senior A and B teams gather each week to strategically place signs in support of the boys in maroon.
Those signs are placed along the town’s main street and sidelines during a home game, or are taken to wherever the team is playing each week.
The signs range from lengthy words of encouragement, including ‘‘If you ask me why I play rugby I ask why do you breathe’’.
Others are short and to the point, including ‘‘Gone to rugby’’, ‘‘Dream big’’ and ‘‘Up the dogs’’ which makes reference to the teams’ alias of the Mud Dogs.
Katie Steele and Sarah Owens were among the dedicated group of 30 women, who have spent countless hours creating the signs and ensuring they were lining the streets week after week.
Even dark and frosty conditions could not deter the club’s fans from getting the job done.
‘‘Yesterday, we started at 10.30am and finished at 9pm last night; and the same the week before,’’ Mrs Steele said, from the sidelines last Saturday.
‘‘Last night, we put them out in the frost.’’
The process can get tricky when one team plays at home, while the other plays away —but you could guarantee both teams were still supported with the strategically placed signs.
‘‘Last week, the Bs were in Temuka and seniors in town [Timaru], so the girls took the signs from Temuka into town.’’
Last week, both teams made it into the finals, which meant the signs would get one last viewing for the season.
‘‘We think it’s something we can do to show the support for what they do — and we enjoy it because it shows our support to them.’’
Seniors coach Kelly Walsh said the women’s efforts were ‘‘much appreciated’’.
‘‘We don’t have anything to do with it. The girls have done all of that. It’s fantastic.’’best shoesadidas Yeezy Boost 350