School curriculum living strategy


This year has been one of positive change for Oceanview Heights School.
One of the most significant changes has been the completion of stage 1 with our new school being built onthe Oceanview Heights School site, as part of the national transportable pilot. We were one of three schools from around New Zealand selected to showcase how schools will be built in the future.
Their design also ties in with the modern learning environments that many schools are adopting as the way education will be delivered in the future.
Buildings are just the framework we use to enhance the educational outcomes for our children. A strength at Oceanview Heights School is how our school-based curriculum is a living, breathing strategy — we do what we say we are going to and we believe that we demonstrate it every day, in a transparent way.
Our pupils have a wide range of rich learning experiences in all curriculum areas within and outside of the school. As staff, we believe it is important to continue providing these rich experiences as they allow our pupils to develop many of the skills needed to function successfully in their everchanging future.
For our team of teachers and support staff, teaching and learning are more than just a job. Our staff are not only teachers, they are also mentors, coaches, counsellors, peace negotiators, advocates and friends.
At Oceanview Heights School we have a passionate staff and school community, who always put the children atthe centre of everything we do.
Another positive feature of our school are our school values — ‘‘C.A.R.E’’: co-operation, achievement, respect and encouragement.
These are the foundations on which we base all we do at school with the children and families and whanau. An example this year includes continuing with the Maori concept of tuakana-teina, where the older pupils support the younger ones, and the family and community involvement that we actively encourage in the school.
We also have a growing Pasifika school community that we are looking to actively promote inthe coming years.
There have been several learning programmes that we have successfully undertaken this year too. We collaboratively teach across years 1 to 8.
One of the most significant attributes we offer is the integration of digital technologies across the curriculum.
In order for this happen, we provide a number of ICT tools so that all pupils have either a laptop, a netbook or an iPad to enhance their learning at no cost to parents. In terms of our infrastructure we are now using ultra-fast broadband and will have a rigorous wireless system as part of the rebuild.
The board of trustees and staff also place physical activity as a priority for our school.
Over the years we have been involved in everything from netball, T-ball and miniball to ice skating at Tekapo and skiing at Roundhill. We have a fundamentals programme for physical education which focuses on the skill development for all the PE activities in the school.
We are also very lucky in having additional funding to run our swimming programme at CBay two to three times a year.
We are confident that our school is keeping up to date with current thinking and knowledge about how students learn best and we pride ourselves on being a collegially supportive learning environment — our 2016 ERO report will verify our comments.Running sportsNike Air Max 270