Recipe learnt at grandma’s side


A recipe her grandmother taught her is a favourite for a Timaru woman. Vidya Kolhe has been using the recipe for chicken biryani since she was a child. ‘‘My grandmother and I would cook ittogether,’’ she said. ‘‘It is a favourite. It’s a full meal as it’s rice and curry all together.’’ The traditional Indian recipe was a popular dish in the 17th century, she said. ‘‘At the time, the king [of India] liked the dish very much and he included it in the royal menu.’’ Since then, the recipe had been adapted worldwide, she said. ‘‘Different parts of the world have changed it tosuit their style.’’ An important step in preparing the meal was tomarinate the meat (usually lamb or chicken), Mrs Kolhe said. ‘‘That is a must as it lets the meat absorb the flavours.’’ She usually served it with rose lassi, a yoghurt drink.Sports ShoesGirls Air Jordan