On a roll with signature dish



by Rachael Comer

Many people have a recipe they love sharing with others.
In a regular series featuring South Canterbury residents and their favourite home-cooked meals or baking, My Kitchen tells the story behind the recipes and explains how you can make them at home.

Jenny Bevin’s return to a favourite recipe has been a success.
The Hadlow woman first made her chocolate peppermint roll in the 1970s, then through the 1980s, but stopped

for a while.
“I always made it for families at Christmas time,” Mrs Bevin said. “Then I put it to bed for a bit and didn’t make it for a while.”
About 10 years ago, she reintroduced the recipe to the Altrusa group she belongs to and her enthusiasm was reignited.
“I took it to the meeting and everyone went ‘wow’. Ever since then, it’s been my signature dish.
“People ask me if I can take it to their bake sales or if we’re doing a fundraiser and we want sweet treats my roll gets trotted out.”
Mrs Bevin thinks she got the recipe from a friend years ago.
“I think it was when she came to see me and we swapped recipes.
“I have only seen it one other time and that was in a Women’s Institute magazine.”
Mrs Bevin said she had made it so many times she found the recipe simple. However, first-timers may find it a bit daunting.
“You can get in a bit of a sticky mess with it and need to use cling film to roll it up.”
She has halved the amount of wine biscuits she once used for the roll, to make smaller slices.
Almond essence could also be used instead of peppermint essence.
Mrs Bevin said the roll “kept for ages” in the fridge and was a nice alternative to truffles.

Chocolate peppermint roll

Yummy delight . . . Mrs Bevin’s chocolate pep permint roll.

250g packet of super wine biscuits
1/4 cup of cocoa
3/4 cup of icing sugar
1/2 cup of boiling water

Creamy mixture

100g butter
1 cup of icing sugar
2 caps of peppermint essence

1. Whizz all dry ingredients together and slowly add water until all mixed together.
2. Roll out between two pieces of cling film.
3. Beat the creamy mixture ingredients together.
4. Spread on base and roll up as tightly as possible.
5. Roll in coconut and place in fridge (still in plastic film) to chill.
6. Cut in thin slices to serve. Can be kept in freezer as well.latest jordan SneakersNike News