Enviro art . . . Environmental artist Flox aka Hayley King, (back centre) stands with St Andrew's School pupils beside the finished mural the school designed and commissioned her to create. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Greta Yeoman

St Andrews School has a new environmentally themed mural.

Principal Steve Fennessey said the mural had been designed and painted by Auckland-based artist Flox, otherwise known as Hayley King, who had sent some concepts back to the school based on the elements they had photographed and sent to her.

Flox’s wildlife-themed street art and other creations had been picked up by other schools around the country that were involved in the Enviroschools programme.

The programme encourages an interest in biodiversity and the nature around schools.

The school’s participation included involvement with the Raptor Trust and looking after the mudfish in the creeks around the St Andrews township, Mr Fennessey said.

Through the school’s connections to Enviroschools, he had become aware of Flox’s artworks at other schools involved with the programme and suggested a commissioned mural to the board.

The school’s parent teacher association helped with the funds and the scaffolding was provided free, he said.

“[A] number of parents knew of Flox,” he said.

King and an assistant had arrived on Tuesday last week and had the artwork completed by Friday afternoon.

He said the artwork’s design was based on the school’s logo, mixed in with a collection of environmental elements from around the school, including native flora and fauna.

Mr Fennessey said the mural’s location in the middle of the school meant the pupils had been able to keep an eye on the progress.

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